Popcorn cooked in corn syrup and served with a side of maize dipped in Edam wouldn’t be as corny and cheesy as Step Up 4 Miami Heat, but like anything smothered in layers of melted, gooey cheese, this film is strangely irresistible.

On the shimmering streets of Miami Beach a group of groovalicious hopefuls bring pedestrian, vehicle, and Internet traffic to a halt with their hot-tamale dance moves. Collectively known as ‘The Mob’ (okay, so they spent all their creativity on their choreography), the funky bunch routinely come together to try and win the Holy Grail of notoriety: a YouTube competition. If they can attract one million hits to their cheeky flash mob (see? They knew what they were doing when they chose their name) antics, then they win a cheque with lots of zeros on it. Sweet!

Probz iz, dancing in the streets doesn’t pay the bills (even if you do have the moves like Jagger), so the beats peeps all have day jobs. When a sly fox trots into town with his smokin’ daughter and threatens to demolish the local hood, the crew turns up the heat on the developers with a political protest performance the way they know best. (And some saucy daughter-seducing while they’re at it.)

The plot is predictable, the acting, dialogue, and storyboarding are mediocre, and the premise may be unlikely, but with no swearing, violence, or sex scenes, Step Up 4 Miami Heat is 99 minutes of family fun that can be enjoyed guilt-free (no calories). Swinging dance sequences, precision choreography, and a pumping soundtrack are what make this film worth seeing. Step Up 4 Miami Heat may be corny and cheesy, but this tasty cheese corn chip comes with a lovely hot salsa.

Starring: Kathryn McCormack, Ryan Guzman, Misha Gabriel Hamilton, Stephen Boss, Peter Gallagher

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