Dripping in fairytale magic, Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings is an adorable, charming adventure with the world’s most beloved pint-sized mischief-maker, Tinker Bell (voice of Mae Whitman). Perfect for little girls with big imaginations, Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings is a sweet candy-coated tale that is as carefree and light as fairy dust on a dandelion. But while it’s dipped in honey-flavoured treacle, it’s never schmaltzy or saccharine, so this low caloric feast is one pleasantly harmless, super-scrumptious treat.

Tinker Bell’s curiosity ventures her into the forbidden winter forest where her wings experience a mystical transformation. She meets Periwinkle (voice of Lucy Hale), and together they set off on a meddlesome adventure to unlock the mystery of the enchanted wings. But their snooping leads them to break the rules and threatens to wipe out summer in Pixie Hollow forever.

Visually engrossing, the animation is beautifully crisp with gorgeous colours woven from the most delicate rainbow cloth, then sprinkled with spun sugar and wrapped in delicate starbursts of yummy daydream swirl. The story is simple and easy to follow but engaging enough to capture attention for the full 92 magical minutes—a win for children and adults alike. Superstar voices Timothy Dalton, Anjelica Huston, Lucy Liu, and Jane Horrocks add dazzle to this delightful piece of innocent Disney film-bubble.

Starring: Mae Whitman, Lucy Hale, Timothy Dalton, Anjelica Huston, Lucy Liu, Jane Horrocks

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